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The history of English language

English belongs to the group of Germanic languages, i.e. English goes back to the same proto-language that is also the “mother” of Dutch, Low German, High German, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic. The group of Germanic languages, in turn, belongs to the Indo-European language family, like the Romanic languages (e.g. Portuguese, …

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Subject : Advertising and Marketing

The determination of the position of the tourist destination on the market can be done, first of all, by analyzing the surrounding, the market and the competition, that is, by analyzing those tourist destinations that can be competitive in various respects. Everyday and constant changes take place in the surrounding. …

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What is insomnia? It could be easily described as a fear of night. Lying awake, waiting for that fearful morning, waiting for the dawn to end the night… It is the most common sleep disorder. In USA, almost 30% of population have all sorts of sleeping problems, and almost 15% …

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A disjunct is a type of an adverbial adjunct which expresses information that is not considered essential to the sentence it appears in, but which is considered to be the speaker’s or writer’s own attitude towards, or the descriptive statement of, the propositional content of the sentence. A disjunct does …

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New Wave in Ex-Yugoslavias rock ‘n’ roll

“New Wave ” is a musical and cultural phenomenon which occurred in the period that followed the heyday of punk , in the late seventies and early eighties of the twentieth century. First developed in Britain, from where it is further expanded, until it spread all over the Europe, including …

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