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Irregular Verbs

Regular verbs form their past and past participle by adding ed (d).

Base Verb Past Past Participle
learn learned learned
study studied studied
cook cooked cooked
solve solved solved
ask asked asked
watch watched watched
listen listened listened

Irregular verbs do not have definite rules, but there are a few patterns.

Base Verb Past Past Participle
grow grew grown
know knew known
begin began begun
draw drew drawn
drive drove driven
fly flew flown
give gave given
speak spoke spoken
swim swam swum
go went gone
take took taken
find found found
spend spent spent
teach taught taught
pay paid paid
feel felt felt
buy bought bought
meet met met
have had had
feed fed fed
keep kept kept
cut cut cut
hit hit hit
set set set
shut shut shut
fit fit fit

[Quiz 13.1]

Find the past and past participle forms of the following verbs using your dictionary:


[13.1] brought – brought
drank – drunk
thought – thought
told – told
ate – eaten
made – made
beat – beaten